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My partner W was dealer and passed with xxxx,Qxxx,J,Jxxx, N passed,
and with Ax,ATxx,AKQxx,Tx opened 1 diamond. S overcalled with 1 spade, partner passed, N passed and I rebid 2 hearts.  Is this  still a reverse?
Thank you


This is still a reverse but more important than the terminology is the fact that in this situation your hand needs to be at least as strong if not stronger than what would be required for a reverse if partner had bid. The hand you have probably just meets the minimum requirements.

In the case that partner responds...1D-P-1S-P-2H...partner has theoretically shown the values for a minimum response, at least 5-6 points. In your auction, however, partner could have zero points. Also, the fact that partner did not make a negative double means that either he does not have four hearts (in which case you will probably end up in at least 2NT or at the three level) or, if he does have four hearts, a hand that is too weak to make a negative double in which case 2H is probably high enough for your side.

Unlike a normal reverse, partner is allowed to pass your bid. it is very strong but not forcing. In this case with four hearts and a singleton, partner could be justified in raising to 3H. If he does, you should not bid 4H, you should pass. rRgardless of how much you might love your hand you still have a minimum for your 2H bid and know partner has at most 4-5 points.

Instead of bidding 2H you could have made a reopening takeout double and if partner responds 2C you could correct to 2D. Another option might have been for you to bid 1NT which would show 18-19 points. This bid is flawed in that you only have 17 and no club stopper. However, your strong diamond suit makes up for that and 1NT might be your best contract if partner has something like xxx, xxx, xxx, Jxxx where 2H or 3D could easily go down.

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