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QUESTION: If one has been accused of reneging and proves they did not, what is the penalty?


If there is no revoke then there is no reason for there to be any penalty at all.

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QUESTION: If there is a two trick penalty if you do reneg,why isn't there one against declarer if they falsely accuse?  Maybe I don't understand revoke.


If declarer sincerely believes that a defender did not follow suit then he has every right to request that the trick be reviewed to determine whether or not this was actually the case. If it turns out that declarer was wrong but made an honest mistake then there is no reason to impose a penalty.

If, on the other hand, the declarer intentionally and dishonestly accused a defender of something that he knew was untrue then that is a violation of bridge ethics. This does not lead to any immediate trick penalty but at a bridge club repeated behavior of this nature could lead to that person being barred from playing at that club.  

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