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QUESTION: As responder with a 7TP or less  is there a way to alert opener after a high level reverse sequence such as 1S 2CD 3C thereby avoiding bidding an unmakeable game?


I do not understand the question. The auction you seem to give is 1S-2D-3C. However, the 2D response, or any two over one response, requires a minimum of 10-11 points. Responder with 7 points or fewer is not strong enough to respond at the two level.

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QUESTION: Oops! Sorry. I was referring to a high level reverse where there is competitive bidding. Here are two examples.

1. 1H P 1S 2D 3C P ?

2. 1H 2D P P 3C P ?

Also with competition in a more standard reverse sequence where an overcall forces the reverse bid to the three level what does the responder do to indicate to partner that he has a minimum hand?

1. 1C P 1S 3D 3H P ?

In all the above situations partner has lost the three no trump bid as natural or Lebensohl as a way to keep partnership below at least a three no trump unmakeable contract.


In the last sequence, 1C-P-1S-3D-3H-P opener shows a very strong hand with longer clubs than hearts. It is forcing to at least 3NT or 4C. That is unavoidable. With a less strong hand, opener can choose to double instead of bidding 3H. He can then pass the response if he wishes.

The sequence 1H-2D-P-P-3C shows extra strength and distribution but is not forcing. Partner can have zero points. Responder can pass or preference to 3H which can be passed by opener. Responder should not bid 3NT unless he has 7-8 points. If responser has a misfit, no more than a small doubleton in hearts and clubs, he should probly need 9 points to bid 3NT. If opener is really very strong he can double first and then bid 3C or alternatively cuebid 3D. If opener is strong and very distributional (6-5) he can jump to 4C over 2D.

For 1H-P-1S-2D-3C-P opener has extra values (15 to a bad 18) but is not forcing to game. Responder should not bid 3NT with a minimum just because he has a diamond stopper. He should have 8 points or more to bid 3NT or else have a diamond stopper plus good clubs. If responder corrects to 3H, opener should probably pass. If responder has a minimum and a misfit, he can pass 3C. If opener wanted to force to game he could have doubled first or else cuebid 3D.

This hand is a candidate for the Good-Bad 2NT convention where a 2NT rebid by opener is artificial just showing a desire to compete, while 3C shows extra values. See


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