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The auction has gone 1s-3s-4c-4h-4nt-5s(2 aces w/trump q)-6s. What is the winning lead from S-xx H-J10xx D-Axx C-J10xx?


While any lead could be right I definitely would not lead the ace.

Assuming that the opponents are sane, the 4NT bidder should be totally prepared for a diamond lead and not expect to lose 2 quick tricks in that suit. THat means he should have either the king or a singleton. If declarer has  AKxxxx, Qx, Kx, AKx and dummy has QJxx, Axxx, Qxx, Qx, then leading the ace gives away the contract. Alternatively, it might set up a quick pitch if declarer has a singleton and the K or KQ are in dummy. The only time the ace would be right is if declarer has an unavoidable trump loser and can get rid of his diamond loser...but I'll take that risk.

I would lead a heart through dummy's strength...maybe partner has the king.

If it turns out that declarer has 2 quick diamond losers, then the bid of 4NT is not sane.

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