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My partner(south) bids 1 heart, West passes,I have only 5 points and nothing to nmae anyway. What should my response have been? In a game recently this was the case, partner bid 1 heart, west passed, I passed because of points deficiency,a and east passed.My partner was stuck with 1 heart and we were way underbid.  They said I should have responded to my partner but I learned you had to have 6 points to answer.


You should definitely respond to partner's opening bid with a 6 point hand, however most players today go out of their way to respond with 5 point hands as well. I believe that 5 point hands are borderline but you should certainly try to respond with any justification at all.

Some good reasons for responding with 5 points include

Three or more card support for partner's major suit opening.
You hand includes an Ace.
Your 5 points consist of a king and a queen.

On the other hand, if your 5 points are all queens and jacks you should probably pass.

Also, in your case, it may be possible that partner was too strong to open only 1 heart.  

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