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I called an opponent for reneging after the 2nd trick after the renege.  The opponent stated that it is poor etiquette to question before the end of the game.  Which is correct?


It is ok to call attention to a possible revoke as soon as it is discovered. This is not impolite or rude behavior. However, if the alleged revoke occurred on a previous trick, the trick in question cannot be inspected until the hand is over.

According to Law 66 of the Laws of Contract Bridge


Declarer or either defender may, until a member of his side has led or played to the following trick, inspect a trick and inquire what card each player has played to it. Thereafter, until play ceases, quitted tricks may be inspected only to account for a missing or surplus card. After play ceases, the tricks may be inspected to settle an allegation of a revoke, of honors, or of the number of tricks won or lost.

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