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Dealer comes up short and instead of re-dealing draws from person on her left.  Is this cause for a re-deal of cards?


According to Law 10a(ii) of the Laws of Contract Bridge

A redeal is required if it is discovered that the cards have not been dealt correctly.

An exception is

If he deals two cards simultaneously or consecutively to the same player, or fails to deal a card to a player, he may rectify the error, provided he does so immediately and to the satisfaction of the other players.

However, this exception does not describe your case.

Technically, then, there should be a redeal in your case. If, however, nobody has seen any of the cards and all of the cards are still face down, then it would really not be a major issue to just take a card from the surplus hand...assuming that all players agree. However, if any player has seen any of the cards, then a redeal is mandatory.  

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