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Our bridge group of 2 to 3 tables, rotates after four hands (using rotation on tallies.)  We do not use Chicago or Rubber bridge scoring.  Our scoring method is a similar to rubber bridge scoring with the exception that when any pair scores a game, they receive 300 points immediately.  A second game in a row gives them 700 points.  Are you aware of this scoring method and is there any documentation of this method of scoring? Our group likes this scoring as points for a game are always awarded.
We have some people who want to switch to Chicago scoring but others feel it is weighted toward the expertise players and our group is composed of players of varying levels of skill.


Although people do play Chicago style bridge using dupkicate style scoring where part scores do not carry over from one hand to the next(see link below) I can find no reference to the scoring method that you use.
However, if it works for you then by all means continue playing it.

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I can answer questions on bidding and on cardplay with the caveat that the former may necessarily involve some subjectivity. I have been playing tournament bridge for over 20 years and I have won several regional tournaments.

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