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What is the difference between a weak two and a pre-empt


A preemptive opening bid is an opening bid on the two level or higher in any of the four suits. In the old days the definition of preempt only referred to 3 level bids or higher but this definition has changed in modern times to include weak two level openings as well.

Although, by definition, a Weak Two Bid, is a form of a preemptive bid, the concept of the Weak Two Bid is more definitive in design and more clearly defined. A Weak Two Bid, as defined by the bridge player and the expert bridge player, is a preemptive bid promising working values in the suit of the preempt.

This bid shows six cards in the suit bid and 6- 11 high card points. The bid is dual purpose. It gives partner an accurate description of the hand for future bidding. Secondly it preempts opponents making it more difficult for them to finding their best contract. It can be compared to an opening three bid, the difference is that a three bid normally shows a seven-card suit.

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