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I'm wondering how some people switch so simply and easily to a 2-bid of Clubs after they've been told they cannot overcall a 1 Diamond opening with 1 Club.  I question they've the required points but perhaps I'm missing something.  As far as I'm concerned, they would require 12-17 points and 6 Clubs.  Do you agree?

Many thanks.

Stewart Fluney


After having made an insufficient bid of 1C, the offender may change his bid to 2C without incurring a penalty while any other call would result in a severe penalty of requiring partner to pass for the remainder of the auction. Therefore, in order to avoid this severe penalty, the offender may decide to take some liberties and bid 2C even though his hand may not meet the necessary parameters for this bid in the hope that this would be less damaging to his side than forcing partner to pass throughout. Alternatively, the offender may just take a stab in the dark and change his bid to something like 3NT in the hope that this may be a reasonable contract.

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