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You made a schedule for 12 pairs for 9 months.  Can you make one for 24 individuals for 9 months?  I tried to translate the one you did to individuals but couldn't figure it out.  There are 24 people who play once a month for 8 or 9 months and we would like to play as many different people as possible.  Thank you

The following website might be useful.

Give each player a number 1-24. 24 individuals playing bridge will be sitting at six different tables The website gives charts for each of the tables, which are numbered 1-6. The first column list the round but you may substitute "month" instead. The next 4 columns list the number of the player sitting North, East, South and West for each of these months. You can ignore the "boards" column.

So in month 1, the players at table 1 are individuals 1,6,5 and 16. At table 2 they are 3,14,22 and 19 and so on.

The three rows for each month are just the same players switching positions and partners...this is optional.

There are only 7 months listed here but if you choose to meet for additional months, you may repeat one of the earlier ones.  

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