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I have a question in regard to Responding to a Take-Out Double.  Opponent had bid 1 H, rsponder's partner had Doubled and next opponent had Passed.

Responder has the following hand:

Spades      K 6 3
Hearts      8 2
Diamonds    A 10 9 7 5
Clubs       A 6 3

Responder has 11 HCP plus 1 for the five-card suit; i.e., a Medium Range hand.  Doesn't Responder show this by bidding 2 Diamonds, the same as if he were bidding for a major?  It seems to me I read somewhere that to show a Medium Range hand in this case, Responder would have to bid 3 Diamonds but only 2 if bidding a major.  If you agree, would you please explain to me how this works?

Many thanks.

Stewart Fluney


Rules and point ranges for responding to takeout doubles are different from those pertaining to responding to opening bids.

When partner opens the bidding, you should have a minimum of 5-6 points in order to make a response. With a weaker hand you pass. After a takeout double, however, you are forced to respond even if your hand contains zero points. Looking at the hand you gave, if you take the two aces and one king and replace them with three deuces you would have a hand with zero high card points. However, you would still be forced to respond 2 Diamonds after partner makes a takeout double and the next player passes. Making the same response with 11  points as you would make with zero points is too ambiguous. You need to let partner know how good your hand really is. Therefore, a jump raise to 3D is called for. If you had spades instead of diamonds, you would jump to 2S. If opponent had opened 1S instead of 1H and partner doubled, then you would need to jump to the three level with 11 points actually 9-11 points) in your suit regardless of whether it is a major or a minor.

The following article gives a further explanation of how to respond to takeout doubles.

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