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QUESTION: At the end of a hand, there are 4 cards on the board and 2 cards in declarers hand.  Opponents each have 3 cards.  The bid was 3N, declarers have taken all the tricks so far.  Is it a misdeal which needs to be redealt, a game bid and made, or something else?


It looks as if this is a misdeal which needs to be redealt.

According to Law 10 of the Laws of Contract Bridge

A redeal is required if  before play has been completed, it is discovered that   
one player has picked up too many cards, another too few when the cards were originally dealt.

This appears to be what happened.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I forgot to mention that everyone except declarer had counted their cards after the deal because the dealer felt she'd given a player a card which felt "thick" so perhaps was two cards.  Since they all had 13, declarer hadn't counted hers.  Something happened during play.  Declarer must have played two cards from her hand at some point and none from the board.  So with 10 tricks played, declarer had taken them all and still had a good ace in her hand.  The bid was 3N. This may not make any difference, just wanted to clarify it a little. Thank you very much for your response.


There are certain remedies specified by the laws if a player played too many or too few cards to a previous trick. In those cases, reviewing the tricks previously played would eventually find one having too many or too few cards and the source of the problem would be revealed. Also, if a missing card were found on the floor, that would also reveal the problem. In your case nobody knows for sure what happened or exactly when the problem originated so no definite remedy can be prescribed. Therefore it is probably best to call it a misdeal since it is possible that one of the extra cards in dummy that had been there earlier took an unwarranted trick.

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