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When partner (south) gives mistaken information when questioned by opponent, when should (north) give the correct information to the opponents?  Before play of the hand or after?  Doesn't it make a difference as to whether you are the defender or the declarer/dummy in the hand?

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The following applies to duplicate bridge although similar considerations wouls apply in social bridge.

When the side having given misinformation ends up defending: whether the misinformation given was about a bid during the auction or about carding agreements during play, nothing further can be said until the end of the hand. (You may NOT alert your partner to his mistake!) At the end of the hand, the defenders must immediately call the Director and correct the misinformation. If the declaring side was damaged as a result of the misinformation, the Director shall make an adjustment.

When the side having given misinformation ends up declaring the hand: then after the final pass, and before the opening lead is made, the Director should be called and the correction of the information must be volunteered. The Director has a number of options in such instances, including backing up the bidding to allow the misinformed side to make a bid differently

When the misinformation is given by the defense during the play of the hand, the same restrictions apply to the offenderís partner: not a word can be said to indicated that there was a problem with partnerís explanation; however, immediately at the end of the hand, the Director must be called, the misinformation as to agreement must be clarified, and the Director shall make any necessary adjustment to correct damage that occurred to the declaring side due to the misinformation  

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