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If you bid strong 2's in a suit does your partner have to answer even if they only have 2 or 3 points?
If you bid strong 2's in no-trump can your partner pass?
Or, is it the reverse?


You cannot pass a strong 2 bid in a suit. When partnermakes this bid his hand is unlimited. It is possible that he could make a game in his own hand. If, for example, his hand is Spades: AKQJxxx Hearts: AKQ Diamonds: Ax Clubs: x    he has eleven tricks in his own hand when spades are trump even if your hand does not contain a card higher than a six. If he has this hand, he is not depending on you for points...he is only depending on you not to pass so he is stuck playing in 2S instead of 4S.

A strong 2 bid in NT , on the other hand, shows about 23-24 points (assuming he opens 2C and then rebids 2NT). With partner having so much strength he does not need much from you. However, in this case you can pass with 1 or possibly even 2 points.  

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