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For Opener, is it always a rule that if the same suit is bid a second time, it means there is 6 of that suit?  So, if Opener has 21 points and 7 H, the bid could be 1 on opening, 2 the next time if partner passes and 3 the last time.

For Responder, if there is a minimum hand of 10 points and 6 of the same suit, the bid can be 1 of a higher rank suit than that opened and, if it is passed by Opener, can be re-bid as 2 and as 3 if passed by Opener again.  Do you agree?

For Responder, if there is a minimum hand of 10 points and 6 of the same suit that Opener has bid, the bid can be raised to 2 and, if passed by Opener, can be re-bid as 3.  Do you agree?

Many thanks for your answer.

Stewart Fluney


If opener bids a suit a second time after a one level response by partner it generally shows a 6 card suit. An exception might be if it is a good five card minor suit and opener has no other good bid available.

If responder responds at the 2 level, however, some people play that opener's rebid of a major suit still shows six pieces, however other players say that it shows only five and just says that opener had no other satisfactory bid. For example, if it goes 1H-P-2D-P and opener's hand is Clubs KQx, Diamonds Qxx, Hearts AQxxx, Spades xx...opener should not bid 2NT with only a low doubleton in spades and does not want to bid 3D with only three card support so the only option left is to rebid 2H on a five card suit which just conveys the message that he has no other reasonable call available.

If opener has 21 points he should definitely not bid 2 of the suit at his second turn. Rebidding two of the suit shows a minimum 13-16 point opening bid. With 17-18 he should jump to the three level and with 19-21 he should jump to the four level if it is a major suit.

If responder bids 1 of a higher ranking suit than opened, opener must keep the auction open. He cannot pass unless the opponents have overcalled which would allow responder to bid again. If responder originally bid at the 1 level, then a rebid of the same suit shows 6 or more. He would rebid at the two level with 6-10 points. Opener can pass. If opener continues the auction, responder could repeat his suit of bid notrump if he has stoppers in the unbid suits.

It is rare that responder has 6 of the same suit that opener has bid. However, if he does plus 10 or more points he should jump to the three level (forcing).  

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