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Our 8 player week fell through! we are now 6 players and would appreciate a rotation for 6 players, please!


Here is one suggestion

Bridge for Five or Six Players:
When five people wish to play, the draw for deal establishes the order of precedence, and the player drawing the lowest card sits out for the first rubber. After the first rubber the fifth player joins the game, and the player who drew the fourth highest card sits out. After the next rubber, the player who just sat out re-enters the game, and the player who drew the third highest card now sits out, and so on until all players have sat out a rubber, after which the fifth player sits out again. The procedure is similar with six players, except that two sit out each rubber. Since a rubber can be any number of hands from two to twenty or more, a good variant is Four-Deal ("Chicago") Bridge.

For something more complicated you can go to this website and refer to chapter 3.  

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