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After a strong 2 club opening, a 2 diamond waiting bid response and a 2NT rebid by opener , are Stayman and transfers in play. If not , why not?  Same question for 3NT rebid. Thank you for your time.


Stayman and Transfers are commonly used over 2C-2D-2NT.

Transfers are commonly used over the auction 2C-2D-3NT.

Stayman is not as commonly used in this sequence though. The problem is that if you do not locate a major suit fit you are forced to play in 4NT which may be a level too high. It is possible, though, for a partnership to agree to define 4C as Stayman here. However, I would recommend that if one does wish to use Stayman in this particular auction responder should only make the bid on hands in which he is interested in slam and is investigating the best suit to play it in.  

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