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QUESTION: Declare does not follow suit and realizes it as soon as he misplays.   Can he pick it up and follow suit and is there a penalty?


According to Law 62 of the Laws of Contract Bridge the misplayed card may be replaced without penalty if it was played from declarer's or dummy's hand. This is provided that the mistake was caught before declarer has played to the next trick

There is a penalty, however, if the offending player was a defender.

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QUESTION: Declare plays from hand instead of board and when the director is called makes a derogatory remark...the director did not need to be called. A remark was also made when she left the table.


Whenever an irregularity or problem occurs at the table the director should always be called. The players are not qualified to determine what needs to be done even though some of them might think that they are.

Derogatory remarks should not be tolerated. There is zero tolerance for rudeness. The director could have been called back to enforve that policy.

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