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QUESTION: I open 1 Spade with 5 Spades AKQ107, partner has 6 diamonds holding J 10 9 7 5 2, Spade holding J6, Hearts AQJ98, no clubs. The bidding by responder is 2D, Opener 2NT, Responder 3 Hearts, opener 3NT, Responder 4D, opener 5D.  We ended up in the incorrect contract.  Please tell the correct bidding procedure.


I cannot comment on the full auction or the correct contract unless I know your entire hand as well.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry, Opener, 1 Spade with 5 spades, AKQ107, Hearts K42, Diamonds singleton K, Clubs A 10 7 5.  Thank you so much.


Responder showed a hand with 6 good diamond and possibly only 4 hearts. The actual hand has 6 bad diamonds and 5 very good hearts. In my opinion responder should initially bid 2H instead of 2D. It is true that he has 6 diamonds and 5 hearts, however, the strength of the heart suit, the weakness of the diamond suit and the advantage of trying to find a major suit fit rather than a minor suit fit are all reasons to prefer bidding 2H. After all, the heart suit certainly meets the standards for a 2H bid, the only issue is suppressing a 6 card diamond suit but because the diamonds are so weak it is really not that big of a deal.

You have no problem bidding 3H over 2H. Partner should just raise to 4H since he has a minimum for his initial two level response and any other bid would be encouraging and show extra values. However, because your hand is so strong you should next use Blackwood and end up in 6H.  

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