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partner (South) opens 1 club, West passes, I (north) respond 1 NT,East passes, partner rebids 2 clubs.  is he using stayman or showing strong clubs?


Partner is showing a club suit, probably 6 or more.

There is absolutely no need for Stayman in this situation. When partner opens the bidding 1C, if responder has a 4 card major suit he would just respond 1H or 1S. The fact that responder bid 1NT instead basically denies a four card major suit. Therefore there is no reason to bid Stayman to ask for somthing that responder just denied having.

Stayman applies after partner opens notrump...1NT, 2NT or 2C followed by 2NT. If there is a partnership agreement, it can also be used after partner makes a natural iNT overcall over an opening bid by the opponents.

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