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1C - 1S - 3S
In the above bidding by opener and partner, opener has made a jump raise rebid.  Exactly how many trumps and points should opener have to make this jump raise?  And how should responder decide to go to game or leave the contract at the 3 level?


Opener should have 16-18 points and four card trump support to raise to 3S.

There are some slight modifications, though. With a 16 point hand and a 4-3-3-3 balanced distribution, opener should be more conservative and bid only 2S. However, if opener has a singleton in a side suit along with 4 card trump support, this increases the playing strength of the hand and a raise to 3S could be made with as few as 14 high card points.

Responder should always go to game with 8 high card points or more. With a weaker hand he should consider his trump length and distribution. With 5 trumps or with a singleton, 7 high card points are sufficient. With 6 or more trumps, I would go to game with just about any hand that could initially respond 1S.  

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