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What is the procedure when the contract is set and the wrong opponent leads?
Thank you for your information on this.  Happens alot!
Doris K.


A good practice to follow would be for opening leader to lead the card face down. That way, if it turns out to be the wrong person, the card can be picked up without anybody seeing having seen what it is and there is no harm done.

Anyway, according to the Laws of Contract Bridge,

Opening Lead Out of Turn

When a defender makes the opening lead out of turn declarer has the following options.
(1) declarer may accept the irregular lead. Dummy's hand is spread, and the second card to the trick is played from declarer's hand.
(2) declarer may accept the irregular lead by spreading his hand and becoming dummy; his partner becomes the declarer.
(3) declarer may choose to not accept the incorrect lead. The card becomes a major penalty card. Then declarer may choose to impose a lead penalty at this point: he may require the correct opening leader to lead the suit of the penalty card or
(4) declarer may prohibit that defender from leading that suit (a prohibition continues for as long as he retains the lead). If declarer does impose a lead penalty, the penalty card is picked up at once and placed back in hand. Finally
(5) declarer may allow the correct opening leader to lead whatever he wishes. In this case the penalty card that his partner led out of turn remains face up on the table and must be played at the first legal opportunity, whether in leading, following suit, discarding or trumping.  

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