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My partner was dealer. I put a stop card down out of turn.(No previous bidding).  LHO said it was not my bid, so I did not put down any further bid cards. LHO did not accept the "stop" bid. But, how should we have proceeded?   We decided that my partner should pass every time it was his turn to bid.  Is that correct?


The decision was incorrect. Taking a STOP CARD out of the box does not count as making a call. A bid is not made until a person places their selected bid face up on the table where partner can see it. Dealer should have been allowed to bid and you should have been allowed to respond normally.

There is one complication, however. Placing the STOP card on the table has accidentally conveyed some unauthorized information to your partner. Clearly you intended to open the bidding with a skip bid of some sort, and this knowledge could conceivably influence his bidding decisions. For example, if you had been considering a preempt, it might affect his view of the hand. He must bend over backwards to make sure he doesn't use that information when choosing his bid. He should try to choose the same bids during the auction that he would have done had you not touched your bidding box. And if in doubt err in favor of making the bid that is less attractive. Lastly, understand that the opponents have the right to challenge your action if they feel it was influenced by the unauthorized information in a way that harmed them and, if playing duplicate, the director may adjust the final result  

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