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QUESTION: North        South
KQ7          A5
A82          9763
A6          QT8432
KQJT9        8

NS Vul  E Dlr
South   West   North     East
P         1C       X     P
1D        2C       X     P
2H        P        P     P

Any thoughts?


North, with his 19 high card points and four solid tricks in the club suit definitely underbid. North can either bid 2NT on his second turn showing 19-21 points or, if he chooses to double then he should bid 2NT after South pulls to 2H. South will then bid 3NT.
The meaning of the second double is ambiguous and without a firm partnership agreement that it is intended for penalties it would be very risky for South to pass.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: TY pd and I disagreed about this.  I held the North hand and assumed that the second double would be penalty.  When the second double is pulled I thought pd had about the hand he had minus the ace and queen.  My reasoning is that pd already told me what his suit is the first time and I've never heard of doubling again to get his second suit.  Remember a cuebid is available to show support or keep pd bidding.  I couldn't raise, bid my own suit or cuebid, it seems to me that double would have to show this hand.

In general my pd is a dear friend and longtime bridge pd but I feel like I am frequently guessing what bids mean.  If there is the remotest possiblity that a bid can be conventional, then that is the way he will see it.

Anyway thanks for your thoughtful and intelligent response- I apreciate it.


While I can't fault your logic, the modern view is that the likelihood of your having a club stack on this auction is sufficiently small that players feel that it is more useful to play this as a strong takeout oriented call... possibly KQxx,AKxx,AK,Jxx. I've asked a number of experts including a world championship contender and they all seem to confirm this point of view.

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