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North opens with 1NT.  East passes.  South having 5 points and 5 hearts does a transfer by bidding "2 diamonds".  West follows with a bid of "2 spades".  North knows if west had "passed" he/she would have had to answer with a bid of "2 hearts".  The question is can North now "Pass" due to the interferance?  North has only 2 hearts (giving the partnership a total of 7 hearts) and a heart bid now would have to be "3 hearts" if following a "2 spade" bid. North is now inclined to "Pass" since he/she's not very happy being in hearts. Can North "Pass" or does the transfer require an answer even though West bid in between?


If partner makes a transfer bid and then the opponents overcall you are certainly not required to bid. This is true even if you have 3 card heart support since bidding would be at the three level and partner could have zero points.

You should only bid 3H if you have a super accept hand...4 card heart support plus a maximum point count for your original 1NT bid. Otherwise you should just pass. Partner still has a turn left to bid so if he has values he can bid again. One convention that many people choose to play is that after the overcall partner can now bid 3D which does not show diamonds but instead is a re transfer telling you to bid 3H. Of course partner should only do this with at least either enough values for game, in which case he will bid again,  or else a weaker hand with good 6 card heart suit in which case he will pass 3H.  

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