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I would appreciate your advice on the following:

I don't know if this is a fair question.  In what circumstances and in what frame-work of poits should opener re-bid 1 NT and 2 NT, and responder 2 NT.

I would think opener should have up to 14 points with a balanced hand to re-bid 1 NT and would follow say an opening bid of 1 heart and a responding one of 1 spade.  Also, opener does not have sufficient spades.

However, in the case of 2 NT re-bids by opener and responder, could you advice points required and cover a few situations where both might bid 2 NT.  The 2 NT re-bids would not be forcing - correct?

Many thanks.

Stewart Fluney


A rebid of 1NT by opening bidder shows a minimum range opening bid of 12-14 high card points, reasonably balanced hand and insufficient support for responder's suit. The auction 1H-1S-1NT might show something like Qx, AJxxx, Kxx, QJx. If opener had opened 1D, the auction 1D-1S-1NT would show a similar minimum range hand, perhaps Jxx, AQx, KJxx, Kxx. If responder's first bid had been 1H or 1D, a rebid of 1NT by opener would generally deny any intervening 4 card major suit holding. However, some players today will suppress an intervening 4 card major and respond 1NT instead if they have a balanced 4-3-3-3 distribution.

A rebid by opener of 2NT is similar but it shows 18-19 high card points. 1H-1S-2NT might show Ax, KQxxx, AQx, KJx. It is not forcing but responder should bid unless he has fewer than 7 points.

A rebid of 2NT by responder, 1H-1S-1NT-2NT is invitational to game with 11-12 high card points and a reasonably balanced hand. It might show something like KJxx, Jx, KJx, QJx.  It is not forcing.  

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