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Do you agree Responder must have 12 points to respond 2 NT to an opening bid of 1 H?  On the other hand, do you agree Opener need only have 17 points to re-bid 2 NT after an opening bid of 1 H and a response of 2 D?

I would appreciate your advice on this as I have experienced some difficulties.  Many thanks.

Stewart Fluney


In basic Standard American, a response of 2NT to an opening bid of 1H shows 12-15 high card points. Most people today, though, use the Jacoby 2NT Convention where a 2NT response is an artificial bid showing a game forcing 4 card or better heart raise.

Opener need only have a minimum opening of 12-13 points to rebid 2NT after a 2D response. If the initial response were on the one level, responder would only need to have six points so that a rebid of 2NT by opener would require at least a good 17 points. A 1NT rebid would show a minimum. However, a 2D response to 1H should show at least 11 points. As a result, opener can bid 2NT with a minimum opening to describe the nature of his hand since the partnership should have at least 23-24 combined points between them.  

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