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QUESTION: We have a group of 13 couples.  We meet once a month for 10 months at 3 homes each month.  We will have one couple sit out each month that we play.  We realize that 12 couples will be the host couple (2) times each and one couple will host (3) times. Couple (1) will be the (3) host couple; sit outs can be anyone.


The only thing I have to offer is at this website

Scroll down to near the bottom to "13 Player Individual Masrer Sheet".

Use this page as a guide  But instead of Tables 1-3 substite Homes 1-3 and instead of "Rounds" substitute "Months. Number the pairs from 1-13. Each row is a separate month and four pair numbers are given for each home (table) under the N, S, E and W columns for a total of 12 participants each month. The omitted pair number sits out that particular month. You can designate the N column as the host. You can ignore the "Boards" column.

Since there are 13 rows and you only need ten months, you can disregard the bottom three rows. In order to equalize the hosting you can switch the following.

Home (table) 1 row 7...switch N and W to make pair 3 N and pair 11 W
Table 1 row 8...switch N and W to make pair 4 N and pair 12 W.   

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The situation of our bridge club has changed and now I have, what I hope is an easier question.  We have 12 couples, play once a month for eight months at 3 homes each month.  I would just like a rotation where no two couples play together 4 times.  One, two or three times is acceptable.  This is not for duplicate, just regular rubber bridge.   Thank you very much.    Ruth


I can provide a rotation where each pair plays a different pair as a direct opponent for each of the eight months with no repeats (eight different opponents). I am unable to help with regard to the problem of any pair not being in the same home as any other pair for more than three times. Sorry.

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