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I am playing no trump as south. I lead a small heart and west tables a small diamond, and north tables the king of hearts, and east tables a small heart. Then, west notices she had a couple of hearts and retrieves the diamond and replaces it with the ace of hearts taking the trick. My question is could north retrieve his king of hearts and replace it with small heart, thus avoiding losing the king of hearts?


North may replace the king of hearts without penalty. After this is done, East may also change the card he played but probably will not wish to do this since the first card will then become a major penalty card since he is a defender and his side committed the error.

According to Law 62

A player must correct his revoke if he becomes aware of it before it becomes established. To correct a revoke, the offender withdraws the card he played in revoking and follows suit with any card. A card so withdrawn becomes a major penalty card if it was played from a defender's  hand. The card may be replaced without penalty if it was played from declarer's or dummy's hand. Each member of the non-offending side may, without penalty, withdraw any card he may have played after the revoke but before attention was drawn to it. After a non-offender so withdraws a card, the hand of the offending side next in rotation may withdraw a played card, which becomes a major penalty card if played from a defender's hand.  

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