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When all four players have played a card,the cards are way over to one side of the dummy.The player collecting the tricks is on the other side of dummy.I think that the person playing the hand should slide cards toward player collecting them,instead of making him reach across table.Am I correct or should you reach way across table to get cards


According to Law 65 of the Laws of Contract Bridge

"The cards constituting each completed trick are collected by a member of the side that won the trick and are then turned face down on the table. Each trick shall be identifiable as such, and all tricks taken by a side shall be arranged in sequence in front of declarer or of one defender, as the case may be, in such manner that each side can determine the number of tricks it has won and the order in which they were taken."

However, in a friendly, social game your suggestion would make sense assuming that everyone is agreeable and there are no arguments.  

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