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1.  If your partner overcalls (an opening bid of 1 C) with 7-17 points and bids 1 D, can you respond 1 H (a new suit) with less than 13 points and a 4 card suit?  This appears to have similarity to an opening pre-emptive bid (weak 2) of 2 hearts (with 6 of them) and 6-10 points and partner(responder) wishes to bid a new suit.  I've been told partner in this case must have 13 points.  Do you agree?  If so, what if this person wishes to bid 2 of a new suit?  Would that require 17 points?

2.  In overcalling is 5 only instead of 6 cards required?  There appears to be a difference of opinion and I'd appreciate your advice.

Many thanks.

Stewart Fluney


If partner overcalls 1C with 1D then in order for you to bid 1H you should have at least 8-9 points and a five card suit. With 10-11 you may bid 1H with a good 4 card suit since partner is allowed to have four hearts even after his 1D overcall. However, you need greater strength to respond to a one level overcall than you need to respond to a one level opening bid since partner is allowed to be much weaker.

To overcall at the one level, only a five card suit is required. To overcall at the two level you should generally have a six card suit although a five card suit with 3 of the top 4 honors is acceptable but could be a bit risky.  

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