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In the following hands by opener and responder, should responder pass or bid 2 H?:

   Opener      Responder

S     Qxx         KQx
H     KQxxx       Jx
D     AJxx        xxx
C     x          Qxxxx

Opener bids 1 H   Responder bids 1 NT
Opener re-bids 2 D  Responder re-bids - Pass or 2 H?

If responder passes, opener plays in 2 D with 7 of them totalling 5 points.  If responder re-bids 2 H, opener plays with 7 of them totalling 7 points, so this appears to be the best option with the above hands.  On the other hand, if responder had 4 D, then partnership would have a magic fit of 8 and, in that case, I understand the play should be in 2 D.  Do you agree with my statements?  

2.  In the following hand, is it proper to open 1 D (with 4 of them) and 13 points and then re-bid 2 C (with 4 of them)?:

 S  Kx
 H  QJx
 D  KJxx
 C  QJxx

I'm not sure if I've seen this happen or if it occurs in bidding in minor suits, and I'd appreciate your experience and advice.

3.  When opener bids 1 H (with 13 points and 5 H) and responder says 1 NT (with 6 points and nothing to bid), should opener avoid passing by bidding 2 H if has nothing else to re-bid?  This action to avoid having responder play the hand with little chance of success.  

Thanks very much.  

Stewart Fluney


1.  With the hands given responder should correct to 2H as the best option available. There would be a 7 card fit with 6 points in hearts. With four diamonds responder can pass 2D.

2. Opening 1D is fine although with this type of hand some players choose to open 1C. With a singleton in a major suit, though, a 1D opening would definitely be preferable.

With this balanced hand with stoppers in all suits, opener should rebid 1NT, not 2C. If, instead, opener just had two small spades then rebidding 2C might be preferable.

3. If responder bids 1NT showing 6-10 points and opener has a balanced minimum 5-3-3-2 hand then opener should pass 1NT. 1NT should have a good chance of success, especially if responder has 8-10 points and there is no reason to believe 2H would be any better. Partner might easily have a singleton heart and definitely no more than two of them.

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I can answer questions on bidding and on cardplay with the caveat that the former may necessarily involve some subjectivity. I have been playing tournament bridge for over 20 years and I have won several regional tournaments.

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