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Help!!!  We have 19 couples and meet for 8 months.  4 houses will host each month. (4 couples/ house) How can we rotate with each couple only having one bye during the 8 month period.  All our rotations have couples playing each other 3-4 months and not playing 4-5 couples.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  We almost had it worked out where there were 6 couples at one house for two months but there were tons of duplications.


Sorry but I really am unable to give you a solution. I might be able to give you something for 18 pairs over a nine month period, though.

You are correct, though, that you will need 6 pairs at one house for two months in order to keep the byes down to one bye per pair (although, because of the odd number, one pair will need to have two). Alternatively, you can have 6 pairs in one house for three months which will result in everyone having only one bye except for one lucky pair that has none.  

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