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I need a rotation for 6 couples playing rubber bridge once a month for 8 months;each couple plays with the same partner all season. I know every couple will have to play some couples more than once, but it doesn't matter how that works out. We just don't want any partnership to play another couple 3 times. Thanks for your help. And I though I understood math!!


Here is a rotation for 6 pairs, each pair playing every other pair exactly once. Since the complete rotation lasts five months, you can just do repeats for months 6-8. You can repeat the first three months if you wish.

Month    Pair Match ups

 1      6-1  5-2  4-3
 2      6-2  1-3  5-4
 3      6-3  2-4  1-5
 4      6-4  3-5  2-1
 5      6-5  4-1  3-2

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