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1.  Consider an opening hand of 13 points with 5 S, 4 H and 4 D.  If the bidding is opened with 1 S and partner bids 2 C, can opener bid 2 H and follow with 3 D if partner bids 3 C.  This is with opener only having 13 points.

2.  Can the diamonds in this case be bid as 3 if they are the second suit or only 2?

I realize such a hand as described would be rare but would like to know if above would be correct.

Thanks very much.

Stewart Fluney


Since responder bid 2C showing at least 11 points, opener can complete describing his pattern by bidding 3D without having more than a minimum opening bid. The fact that responder has shown a decent hand makes bidding 3D safe. Furthermore, you are at the three level when partner bids 3C. Partner may have significantly more than 11 points and your side may very well have a game or even a slam. Therefore it is incumbent on you to accurately describe your hand in an effort to reach your best spot. Passing 3C is not really an option.

If diamonds are the second suit then you can bid 2D over 2C. You cannot bid 3D (if partner had bid 2H rather than 2C) unless you have extra values...15 points or more.

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