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My partner opens one club,I respond two spades.Even though we have bid clubs,can we use gerber asking for aces?


The common definition of Gerber is that it should only be used as a jump to 4C after a natural notrump bid. Some examples are...1NT-4C, 2NT-4C, 1D-1H-2NT-4C or even 1C-1H-2NT-4C. It can also be used as a jump to 4C after Stayman...1NT-2C-2H-4C.

Since your auction does not involve notrump bids it does not meet the standard definition of Gerber. However, many people have chosen to expand the use of Gerber to other situations based on partnership agreement and it is quite reasonable for you and your partner to agree that 4C in this auction should be Gerber even though there was a 1C opening bid.

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