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How can responder let partner know that responder has 5cards,when responding in a new suit?...thanks for your responce :-)


The most effective way would be to kick partner under the table when responding in a 5 card suit and refraining from doing so if the holding is only 4 cards. However, the prevailing opinion is that this type of action would be illegal.

Unfortunately, suit responses at the one level may be made with 4 card or longer suits. This makes sense since it enables the partnership to find 4-4 trump fits early in the auction. Therefore, it is impossible to tell the length of the suit from just the initial response. The only exception at the one level is if partner opens 1C or 1D and opponent overcalls 1H. Then a 1S bid by you would show 5 card or greater length. With just 4 spades you would make a negative double.

As the auction proceeds you might have opportunities to further describe your hand. If partner rebids 1NT, most experts employ the "new minor forcing" convention if they have an invitational hand or better. If you have a decent 5 card major and a weaker hand, you may choose to rebid your major at the 2 level. While this rebid usually shows a 6 card suit, it could be right if you have something like AQxxx in the major and no outside entry to your hand to access the long cards in the suit. In that case, 2 of the major might play better than 1NT even if partner shows up with only a doubleton. Generally rebidding your suit at any point shows at least five.

Of course at the 2 level, a 2H response over 1S shows at least 5. Also, if opponents overcall at the 2 level, then a major suit response by you...1S-2C(opponent)-2H would show five hearts.  

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