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My partner,opened the bidding with 4nt,what was he trying to tell me??
I continue to enjoy your site,very informative

Re -  Opening bid of 4 NT ?

This can mean only one thing -

A Blackwood inquiry for Aces!

--------  Done !

What else?

Partner must have a 20 + point powerhouse.

Give him (or her) your Ace count.

Back to the opening bid of 4 NT.

I would prefer a strong 2 club opening (forcing)
and then exploring from there.

If your partner has a strong Major suit,
as part of his big hand, then Key Card Blackwood
would be in order. (if you are using this convention)

Another approach is the 2 NT opening bid  (22 - 24 pts.),
and then a Gerber  4 C bid to explore Aces...

Lots of possibilities here.  

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