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If the bidding has gone 1D pass 1S  2S is the 2S bid
indicating a real spade suit ?
Could it be Michaels for Hearts and Clubs ?
What would a 2D bid instead of the 2S bid indicate ?
Michaels for Hearts and Clubs ??
What should the 2S bidder bid if he has a legitimate spade suit ?
What if the 2S bidder passed and then later bid spades. Would that mean he had a legitimate spade suit ?



When the opponents have bid two suits, there is more than one treatment possible.
The ACBL's Standard American system stipulates that a cuebid of either suit is Michaels. Easy enough.

However, some experts treat a cue bid of opener's suit as Michaels, while a cue bid of responder's suit is NATURAL, showing an extremely good suit and a decent hand. The latter approach is espoused in Bill Root and Richard Pavlicek's fine book "Modern Bidding Conventions". For example: AKJxxx, Ax, x, Qxxx.

Playing the Root/Pavlicek style, 2S is NATURAL. It shows a very good spade suit of at least six cards, and sufficient values for a two-level overcall.

Another treatment is playing both cue bids as purely natural.  After all, the opener may be short bidding a convenient minor and responder certainly may hold a 4 card major.  Interestingly, this natural bid is also alertable since by definition cuebids of opponent’s suit are considered some sort of conventional treatment. For this treatment, a 1NT overcall would not be natural. Instead it would be "sandwich" showing 5-5 or better in the unbid suits.  

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