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East=dealer. West bid 1d out of turn. North informed dealer west had bid out of turn. North passed. East then bid 4NT!!!. Contract was 6 Hearts bid and made. Penalties????


West opened the bidding out of turn. The proper procedure would be for the bid out of turn to be cancelled and the auction to revert to East who is the true opening bidder. The penalty in this case is that the offender's partner, in this case East, is required to pass throughout the entire auction. West may do whatever he chooses.

Unfortunately, in your case, instead of cancelling the bid out of turn, North decided to continue the auction by passing. By doing so, according to the law, North now accepted West's bid as legitimate and in that case the auction proceeds without penalty to anyone. The fact that North pointed out that this was a bid out of turn does not matter, what matters is that North then continued the flawed auction. North's pass is deemed as acceptance of West's bid.

Therefore, although the bid out of turn should have required East to pass for the entire auction, the fact that North continued the incorrect bidding sequence by passing served to remove any penalty.

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