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RHO passed and I opened 1C with a 4-3-3-3 distribution with 4 spades to the Jack and 18 HCP.  LHO passed and partner bid 1 S.
Wanting to show partner my points and distribution I jumped to 2NT.  I, of course, could have bid 4 spades but I had thought we might possibly have more.  My partner's hand was KQ9xx, xx, xx, 10xxx.  She passed my 2 NT bid.  Four spades made, of course.  I know that 2NT was not a forcing bid but should my partner have bid again or was I just totally wrong to not go ahead and rebid 4 spades?  I made my 2NT and want to know my correct bid!


I would be more inclined to suppress the weak spade suit if partner, say, responded 1H. Then bidding 2NT and suppressing the spades is perfectly reasonable. However, when partner responds in your 4 card suit, I am inclined to show support with four pieces. I cannot say anything definite without knowing your exact hand but with a balanced 18 points and 4 card support 4S is a bit aggressive and 3S is probably enough. This shows either 18 balanced or else a hand with fewer HCP but strong distributional support. Partner then could either pass or bid 4S...with a good 5 card suit and 5-4-2-2 I would bid 4S even with only 5 HCP. Even if your raise was distributional, say Axxx, Axxx, KQxx, x (only 13 HCP), four spades would have good chances.

After your 2NT, his pass was correct. Bidding spades again would be a gamble which may or may not work out favorably for him and could easily get your side too high.

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