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Major argument over this; one player stood up to leave the game.  I say do not touch dummy until you are sure which card you will play.  Opponent said there is no rule against touching cards, changing your mind, then selecting a different card.  

I say keep your hands to yourself until you are SURE which card you want to play.  This was nearly a World War this evening.


According to Law 45 of the Laws of Contract Bridge

A card must be played if it is a card in dummy deliberately touched by declarer except for the purpose of arranging dummy's cards or of reaching a card above or below the card or cards touched.


A player may, without penalty, change an inadvertent designation only if he does so without pause for thought.

So you are correct. Declarer should not touch the cards until he knows which one he intends to play. Declarer does not have the right to indiscriminately fondle the cards in dummy.  

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