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the opener bid 1heart , i am the overcaller with 16 points  1 club and 5 hearts.  I cant x as im not short in hearts , i cant bid 1nt as only have 1 club   i ended up bidding 1nt and x my fingers.  friend said i should have x  should i have passed?

Hello there.

A most interesting hand.  I like these hands where two opponents hold the same Major suit!

In this case, I would suggest Doubling, in order to elicit a response from partner.  Maybe he will have a stopper in clubs.  1 NT is a very shaky bid.

If you pass, your partner may pass, after your left hand opponent passes. (and you could miss a makeable) part score (or better)  contract.

Your partner may also respond 1 NT (with a weak hand).  

If your left hand opponent bids over your double, you are off the hook.

Have a nice day.  

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