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generally we bid better minor when we do not have 5 card major and reverse when we have 16 or more high card points. but recently I read that the reverse bidding requires that first suit (one level) be loner than the second suit (two level). Does this mean that when playing better minor as above and have 16 or more high card points we cannot reverse? If not then how do we show to the partner that we have more pints. Bidding 2 NT will show 18-19 points.


A reverse bid is a second bid in a new suit at the two level by opener in a higher ranking
suit than opener's first bid suit. The responder has to bid at the three level to support opener's first bid suit. It shows more cards in the first bid suit than in the second suit and is forcing for one round. Opener should have more than an opening hand, usually 17 or more HCPs and an unbalanced hand, such as 5/4, 6/4, 6/5, or 7/6 (most often 5/4).

I suggest that the reader research the topic of Reverse Bids, as there are many applications,
and bidding systems which employ Reverses.

The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has a terrific on line library which could be very helpful....  

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