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My hand is  A K x x x    A x    void   Q J 9 x x x

My partner's hand is     J 10 x   K Q x   A Q x x x     A x

Opposition is vulnerable  we are not

The bidding was  1 S, LHO bid 3D , partner bid 4S, RHO passed , I passed , LHO bid 5D, partner doubled and I bid 5S  all pass.

LHO would have been down 5 or 6 if the double was left in.

I made 5S

The way the bidding went should I have left the double in ?
Should partner have doubled 3 D ?
Should partner have bid 4D over 3D ?
When partner goes directly to 4S over 3D would that not show a weaker hand with length in spades ?

Thank You


Partner's 4S bid was incorrect. As you pointed out, 4S would show a weak hand with spade length, something like Qxxxx, Qxx, xxxx, x. Opposite this hand, 5S is pretty cold and if partner happens to have the king of hearts instead of the queen then 6S is reasonable. Also, given that type of hand, you may not have that much defense against a diamond contract. Therefore, given your 5-2-0-6 distribution plus what you think is a big spade fit, I certainly agree with bidding 5S and I might even consider bidding 5H as a cue bid looking for slam if you trust partner to interpret it correctly. 4S does not at all show the hand that partner actually had.

Given partner's actual hand, 4D would certainly be correct although 3NT would not be terrible either especially with relatively anemic trump support and lots of points in diamonds. Most people play that a double by partner over 3D would be negative. If partner bids 4D and then doubles 5D, now it should be easy for you to pass the double, especially given the vulnerability. Partner has now shown a strong hand and should have useful cards for defense as well.

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