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As a general rule ,when defending against a suit contract if I lead a low card I am showing at least one honor in that suit.
It is my understanding that that an honor is a card from the A to the 10. However I do not usually lead low if the only honor I have is the 10.
It has been suggested to me that I also exclude the J and only lead low if I have an A or K or Q.
So instead of leading the 2 in this sequence  J 8 7 2 I would lead the 8.
This would apply on the first lead or later on when breaking the suit.
I realize the bidding and dummy may have some influence on my lead.
Any thoughts/recommendations/etc ?

Thanks again for your input


Not leading low away from a holding headed by the ten is common practice. Eddie Kantar suggests leading second highest from this holding on opening lead against notrump. The jack, however, is generally considered a true honor and unless the particular circumstances dictate otherwise, almost everyone would lead low from a holding headed by the jack. Admittedly this may give partner a problem. For example, if you lead a low card through A10xx in dummy and partner has Q9xx he would generally want to play the 9 if you hold the jack but he would want to play the Q instead if you were leading away from the king. In this particular circumstance there may be some merit in leading a higher card from a holding headed by the jack. When leading through declarer, though, I would tend to lead low from Jxxx. And as far as an opening lead is concerned, leading from Jxxx is considered to be one of the least desirable opening leads. However, if I were to lead the suit I would lead low.  

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