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The bidder (my partner) leads a good queen of diamonds and pulls a club from his hand for a discard.  He has a small diamond but does not play it. The opponent on his left plays a club but before he plays another card as dummie I ask if he has no diamonds. He now realizes he has reneged and plays the diamond, the rest of the cards are good, but opponents claim a 2 trick penalty.
Is there a penalty?


I assume the queen of diamonds was led from dummy and declarer revoked.

Since the offending side did not play to the next trick, the revoke was not established and was able to be corrected by replacing the incorrect card with a valid one.

The incorrect card may be replaced without penalty if it was played from declarer's or dummy's hand. Each member of the non-offending side may, without penalty, withdraw any card he may have played after the revoke but before attention was drawn to it.

Therefore, since the revoke had not been established and the offender was the declarer, there is no penalty at all.  

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