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I was playing in 4h. I held AQ Jxxxxx K106 Qx, and Dummy held
Kx KQx Q872 A109x. West led the SJ (indicating a good holding.)
I stripped the spade, and tried sneaking a low trump through, but west led the ace and a trump back, which i won in dummy. The club q lost to the king, and west led a club back. I then started thinking about how to lose one diamond... I place east with the ace, as west had J10xxx Spades, HA and CK, and west failed to overcall 1S. However, i figure if east had had both diamonds, he had opportunity to signal, and would have done so on trumps or spades, lest i held AQ Jxxxx xxx KQx, when the diamond lead is crucial when west wins the ace of trumps. I gave west the JD, therefore and east the Ace. I figured east had to have the 9 of diamonds, or else, so i ruff a club to hand, led the d10, (J,Q,A,) ruffed a club in hand. (Only safe exit.) crossed with a trump. and led the D8 to make my game! Was my reasoning right?


Your reasoning seemed to be logical and intelligent and certainly worked out well. An alternate line might be after drawing trumps (I assume they were 2-2) to lead the CQ from your hand. If west has the king your troubles are over. If he covers, you win and force out the CJ setting up a good club for a diamond pitch. Of course you will have needed to keep a trump entry to dummy. If east has the CK he is forced to lead a diamond back rather than leading into your A109 of clubs. If you follow low, you are home if east has the D9. If west follows with the 9, you win the queen in dummy. You can now take the extra shot of playing the CA and ruffing a club hoping that the CJ drops and setting up a good club for a diamond pitch. If none of these chances (CK, D9, CJ) have worked out then you will use your dummy trump entry to lead up to the K-10 of diamonds and hopefully guess correctly (of course, if an honor shows up from east your problems are solved).

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