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We have ten couples and will play two tables at two host homes48cd4 once a month for eight months.  Each month the two couples who are not in the rotation will serve as substitutes.  Do you have a rotation that fits this criteria?

I would suggest that you check out these sites for more details on your
8 round, 10 team rotation movement..

If none of these do not give you the info you need, I apologize.

Another source is the ACBL  Alex Groner Publication
for Bridge Directors, regarding team movements.

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- JoeA


List of Bridge Movements -

Bridge Guys


How To Make Schedules -

Similar to UC Berkeley Quiz Bowl: How To Make Schedules


... The odd-team round robin is the basic building block of nearly every .... but now you need two extra rounds (one for Round 1 and one for Round 8), .... So if you have, say, 10 teams in a non-packet-submission ... odd-team round-robin, since the movement of teams isn't systematic in the other arrangements. GUIDE FOR SWISS TEAMS -



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